As Overnight Host Programs for new Regents’ Scholars have begun taking place, we are reminded of our own experiences at ROHP, RCSA interviews, house hikes and socials… and all the early days at Cal.  It‘s always fun to look back at the past, but also important to look towards our future as scholars.



Maybe it’s looking back on a time of less work, fewer midterms, or that year where you actually went to RCSA general meetings, but there’s something nostalgic about ROHP season rolling around again.


Some of the features my ROHP experience included:

  • being awed by the Martinez Apartments
  • forgetting my jacket on a midnight hike
  • thinking BART was a boat that took you to San Francisco
  • standing in line at ShareTea discussing roommate options with new friends
  • connecting with my host over art, bookbinding, and clubs at Cal




The Present?  Midterms, 12 hours in Main Stacks with backpack snacks as your only sustenance, internship applications, and research positions.  But what about other opportunities that lie either outside of or within RCSA?


As prospective scholars go on night tours and boba trips, we first, second, third, and fourth year students can look back at how we’ve grown as scholars and individuals, and we can look forward to future goals and experiences.




Perhaps, then, there are two ways to move into the future.



You’ve established your roots, long since gotten your bearings, and made RCSA friends.  Now is the time to build on those early skills and get motivated.  Reach out to professors, peers, and mentors for information about research and internship opportunities.  Learn new things and broaden your worldview by attending TEDx or sitting in on a friend’s class.



Nostalgia gets us looking back… maybe then it is also a reminder to give back.  Remembering the great experience you had at ROHP might be good motivation to apply to be a host.  Thinking back to those general meetings might get you thinking about applying for a committee position, or even just reconnecting with scholars you once met in Regents’.  In a way, giving back IS a way of moving forward, and a step I urge everyone to take.  Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the reason your ROHP host-ee decides to come to Cal.