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Interview Experience

When someone asks me what my biggest fears are, I'd probably say making mistakes, needles, commitment (but let's not go there), a brain aneurism (thanks Archer), and job interviews. Job interviews? Yes, job interviews. Think about it. You're trapped in... Continue Reading →


4 Great Tips on How to Ace Your Internship Interview

After editing your seemingly perfect resume for the 45th time, you finally upload it onto the Berkeley Handshake a mere 10 minutes before the deadline. Phew… you breathe a sigh of relief. All you can do now is cross your... Continue Reading →

Interviewing 101

So you get that fateful call or email. Your heart beat quickens and your palms get sweaty, you start to feel queasy as your mind immediately starts racing over what possible leadership positions you’ve had as you slowly internalize that... Continue Reading →

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