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A New Resume for a New Chapter: How to Rewrite Your High School Resume for College

Every year, entering freshmen arrive at Cal, eager to venture forth to every possible career fair, networking opportunity, and internship or research application. However, there remains one key question on every freshman’s mind: “How do you use an old high... Continue Reading →


Extra Resume Tips: Word and Color Choice

[For a run-through of the basics of resume-building, check out our two blog posts on the format and content of a good resume.] When it comes to descriptive bullet points, nothing stands out as well as a strong action verb... Continue Reading →

Resume Tips Part 2: Content

Resumes create your professional image, and therefore should be carefully crafted to present only the most important and helpful information to potential employers. In this post, we cover the most important strategies for filling your resume with the right information: Heading... Continue Reading →

Resume Tips Part 1: Format

Many people overlook the format and layout of their resume, assuming that the content is the most important part when presenting themselves to potential employers.  Though content is crucial, it is important to remember that your resume is often the... Continue Reading →

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