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October 2016

Networking Part 2: During Networking

Networking is all about creating precedent for you to reach out again to recruiters or potential employers. If you have not yet read Part 1: Pre-Networking, please do so before reading this!   Part 2: During Networking 1) Make sure... Continue Reading →


Networking Part 1: Pre-Networking

Today, getting a job is about WHO you know, NOT, WHAT you know. This is where networking comes in. When done right, you can make connections and form relationships that can help you get your desired position. However, networking can... Continue Reading →

Extra Resume Tips: Word and Color Choice

[For a run-through of the basics of resume-building, check out our two blog posts on the format and content of a good resume.] When it comes to descriptive bullet points, nothing stands out as well as a strong action verb... Continue Reading →

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