Professional Development

Regents' and Chancellor's Scholar Association

Cold Emailing

Cold emailing, what even is it? Cold email is the practice of reaching out to individuals over email with little to no prior contact with the other person. It’s often done to make a connection with someone, or perhaps forge... Continue Reading →


Confidence in Conversation

    Confidence is key. Whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re working you will need to be able to sell your products or your going to have to sell yourself. If you can go out, grab a microphone and be ready... Continue Reading →

Networking for Internships

Networking for Internships Internships are an incredible way to get hands-on experience, work with industry professionals, and actually learn about what a career path entails on a day-to-day basis. It’s one thing to learn about a subject in an academic... Continue Reading →

Mental Health & Time Management

Mental Health Between juggling all of your classes, extracurriculars, and sports, it can be very hard to maintain good mental health. Let’s face it, Berkeley is not easy. That is exactly why it is even more important to always make... Continue Reading →

Cover Letters

What is a cover letter? A cover letter is a great way to stand out as a potential candidate for the job. It often includes information about your prior experience and how your skills are applicable to the job. Employers... Continue Reading →

Interview Experience

When someone asks me what my biggest fears are, I'd probably say making mistakes, needles, commitment (but let's not go there), a brain aneurism (thanks Archer), and job interviews. Job interviews? Yes, job interviews. Think about it. You're trapped in... Continue Reading →

4 Great Tips on How to Ace Your Internship Interview

After editing your seemingly perfect resume for the 45th time, you finally upload it onto the Berkeley Handshake a mere 10 minutes before the deadline. Phew… you breathe a sigh of relief. All you can do now is cross your... Continue Reading →

Essentials to LinkedIn

What do I include? A professional headshot. This profile picture is often the first glimpse and impression potential colleagues, recruiters, and employers will have, and it is essential to have a professional shot, appropriate picture in order to start things... Continue Reading →

A New Resume for a New Chapter: How to Rewrite Your High School Resume for College

Every year, entering freshmen arrive at Cal, eager to venture forth to every possible career fair, networking opportunity, and internship or research application. However, there remains one key question on every freshman’s mind: “How do you use an old high... Continue Reading →

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