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LinkedIn + Résumé Workshop

PowerPoint and additional materials from RCSA Corporate Relation's LinkedIn + Résumé Workshop on the 5th of September 2019 (Thursday).

The Boston [RCSA] Tea Party

Taxes, Financial Literacy, and Everything In Between Disclaimer: This is not official tax advice and is not endorsed by the IRS. Please check for official instructions before filing your taxes. We do not claim responsibility for any mistakes in individual tax forms. This document was last updated on April 10th, 2019. Please check for more up to date information regarding rules, rates, and deadlines.

It’s a Number’s Game

Have you ever applied to an internship and gotten rejected right off the bat? Almost 100% of people would answer yes. Now how about five times? Ten? Twenty even? As the number of rejects increases, fewer and fewer people can... Continue Reading →

Navigating Biological Sciences

Congratulations prospective Regents’ Scholars! It was such a pleasure to be able to meet you on your interview date. Many of you are coming in with the intention of majoring in a biology-related field, ranging from MCB to Bioengineering to... Continue Reading →

Changing Your Path

It’s quite likely that at some point in your college life (or beyond), you’ll find yourself asking yourself, “Wait, is this really what I want to do?” or “Maybe I’m not suited for this role”. Whenever this moment comes for... Continue Reading →

Just Sleep On It

Procrastination. The bane of any college student’s existence. From chatting with friends online to browsing memes to being led down the dark rabbit hole that is Wikipedia and YouTube, everyone has their own form of procrastination that doesn’t really feel... Continue Reading →


Referrals The power of a great referral is very well known. This guide will provide you a step by step procedure to reaching out and receiving a wonderful referral. When looking for referrals it is important to identify who you... Continue Reading →

Turning Your iPad into the Ultimate Productivity Device

With the advent of the Apple Pencil (Steve Jobs is probably glaring angrily from whatever plane he currently resides in; may he rest in peace), many college students have turned to the iPad Pro or the 2018 iPad (specifically tailored... Continue Reading →

Navigating Career Fairs

Many of us have been showered with event invitations, notifications, and flyers for career fairs, yet some of you may find career fairs intimidating, frustrating, or simply not fruitful. It’s important to have a strategic approach to career fairs and... Continue Reading →

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