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Is there a professional Facebook? Why yes, there is! LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform for business professionals, students, industry leaders, and everyday individuals. In this blog, we will cover three topics: profile, networking, premium services. Profile: Building a... Continue Reading →


Time Management and Procrastination

“I can do that tomorrow.” “It’s fine, we can push it off until later.” “We have time.” Have these words ever slipped your mouth? If so, you may have experienced procrastination. In this context, you may have not had the... Continue Reading →

Get Ahead with a Good Headshot

Image from TechRadar in an article by Jeff Meyer.   You’ve finished your resume and cover letter. Practiced networking and interviewing. What next?   Well, now you want to actually create a network. And that means creating a LinkedIn. One... Continue Reading →

Our Scholar Pasts and Futures

  As Overnight Host Programs for new Regents’ Scholars have begun taking place, we are reminded of our own experiences at ROHP, RCSA interviews, house hikes and socials… and all the early days at Cal.  It‘s always fun to look... Continue Reading →

Interviewing 101

So you get that fateful call or email. Your heart beat quickens and your palms get sweaty, you start to feel queasy as your mind immediately starts racing over what possible leadership positions you’ve had as you slowly internalize that... Continue Reading →

Dating in the Workplace: Do’s and Don’ts

It’s that time of the year again! That being said, let’s take the time to talk about the special relationships that may happen in workplaces. Here’s a scenario: You are fresh out of college, working in your new job and... Continue Reading →

Got Research?

Got research? Want to do research during your undergraduate years, but don’t know how to go about getting it? gators (also known as “PI’s”) expect a student to spend about 15-25 hours a week in lab.  That amount tends to vary... Continue Reading →

Building a Relationship with your Mentor

Faculty mentors are a great resource when moving through the academic process here at Berkeley. Whether they answer questions about your major or provide insight into life at Cal, it can never hurt to get to know your mentor. Step... Continue Reading →

Covering the Basics of Cover Letter Writing

Cover Letter As you make your way through your four years of college and beyond, you will encounter the job recruitment process over and over again until you land a position that meets your needs. Most people know that they... Continue Reading →

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