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Covering the Basics of Cover Letter Writing

Cover Letter As you make your way through your four years of college and beyond, you will encounter the job recruitment process over and over again until you land a position that meets your needs. Most people know that they... Continue Reading →


Networking Part 3: Post-Networking

Contacting employers after making an impression at a networking opportunity is crucial to landing your potential job or internship. If you have not already, we encourage you to read Part 1: Pre-Networking and Part 2: During Networking to our three-part... Continue Reading →

Networking Part 2: During Networking

Networking is all about creating precedent for you to reach out again to recruiters or potential employers. If you have not yet read Part 1: Pre-Networking, please do so before reading this!   Part 2: During Networking 1) Make sure... Continue Reading →

Networking Part 1: Pre-Networking

Today, getting a job is about WHO you know, NOT, WHAT you know. This is where networking comes in. When done right, you can make connections and form relationships that can help you get your desired position. However, networking can... Continue Reading →

Extra Resume Tips: Word and Color Choice

[For a run-through of the basics of resume-building, check out our two blog posts on the format and content of a good resume.] When it comes to descriptive bullet points, nothing stands out as well as a strong action verb... Continue Reading →

Female Business Attire Tips & Tricks

Business Professional: “Business Professional” attire usually follows the most straightforward guidelines, almost always meaning a suit made up of a skirt and blazer, or pants and blazer. Some offices may request or prefer skirt suits, which may be considered more... Continue Reading →

How to write a cover letter

Cover letters are a great way to introduce yourself to a potential employer and explain why they should hire you. A cover letter should address 3 fundamental issues: why you want the job you’re applying for; why you would be... Continue Reading →

How to survive Cal

For those first-year Regents’ Scholars having a hard time adjusting or needing a few tips on how to survive life at Cal (because we all know we need some help sometimes), the Professional Development committee has interviewed a third year... Continue Reading →

Resume Tips Part 2: Content

Resumes create your professional image, and therefore should be carefully crafted to present only the most important and helpful information to potential employers. In this post, we cover the most important strategies for filling your resume with the right information: Heading... Continue Reading →

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