Is there a professional Facebook? Why yes, there is! LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform for business professionals, students, industry leaders, and everyday individuals. In this blog, we will cover three topics: profile, networking, premium services.

Building a professional profile is a must if you want to enter into industry. LinkedIn is the optimal way to portray who you are, while also displaying your skills and experiences. It all starts with a professional headshot. Following that, it is important to create a bio that highlights your career interests, your personality, your experiences, and your contact information. It is also important to include your education, with intended major, GPA, and involved extracurricular activities. Volunteer experience and extracurricular experience can be built upon as your background grows. You can also include accomplishments, which includes honors and awards and accomplishments. When you create your LinkedIn, you can also subscribe to certain interests and will receive article updates accordingly.

In my opinion, one of the best ways to land a job or internship is through LinkedIn. Not only does LinkedIn provide job postings, but you can also connect with industry leaders and establish relationships through this platform. You can send InMail, or connect with someone to get his/her’s contact information. Doing so will create a much more personalized connection and will allow you to have an edge over an application. You can also access alumni pages, and sort by industry, school, major, or career in order to find the right person to network with. These alumni pages are powerful resources to network your way into a job you always wanted!

Premium Services:
As a LinkedIn member, you get one free month of LinkedIn Premium. Premium members will be put above non-Premium members when it comes to job applications. Premium members are also able to have more selective and refined searches for networking. Premium allows you to see who viewed your profile and thus to see who is interested in you. Overall, Premium is well worth the investment.

LinkedIn is one of the most cost-effective ways to get a job or internship. The amount of networking, resources, and exposure that is associated with LinkedIn makes it a valuable aspect to industry. So with all this information, build your LinkedIn profile and start networking!


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LinkedIn Icon”- Photo by Jurgen Appelo
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Accessed 8 April 2017