“I can do that tomorrow.”

“It’s fine, we can push it off until later.”

“We have time.”

Have these words ever slipped your mouth? If so, you may have experienced procrastination. In this context, you may have not had the proper time management skills that are instrumental to a productive life.

Here are some tips to increase your time management skills:

  • Plan out your day ahead of time! Lay out each day’s activities on your calendar the week before. One of the most important times off your day is planning it.
  • Any activity in the day should be time-stamped and value prioritized. For instance, have a To-Do list, and list your top task to do as “A1.” Then, proceed down the list to A2, A3, B1, B2, etc. Completing the most important tasks first will allow you to approach each day in a structured manner.
  • Focus on the task at hand. Put away your phone, and refrain from accessing social media. Concentrating on exactly the task at hand.
  • Limit time on TV/Internet/Gaming. Recognize that the most successful people in this world have 24 hours in a day, and so do you. Use each minute wisely!
  • At the end of the day, spend 10-15 minutes reflecting upon your productivity, and how you could have accomplished more or less. Identify distractions that you encountered, and how you dealt with them.
  • Utilize the weekends as opportunities to get ahead.
  • Recognize that you can’t accomplish everything! Translate over tomorrow what you cannot accomplish today.


  • Utilize Google Calendar! Add event details and location. Enable email notification. Establish a divide between inactive and active hours. Sync with Google Tasks. Google Tasks works with Google Calendar to manually set deadlines and manage completion of each task.
  • Download the Lift app. Lift allows for the development of desired habits. A user will log an intended habit, and will track each time the action is performed. There exists a “check in” button after you successfully completed task. This app also provides a support community forum, which can help fuel support and encouragement.


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motivation, time management, inspiration”- Photo by Chris Florence
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