Contacting employers after making an impression at a networking opportunity is crucial to landing your potential job or internship.

If you have not already, we encourage you to read Part 1: Pre-Networking and Part 2: During Networking to our three-part “Networking Skills” series.

Part 3: Post-Networking

Now that you have obtained contact information from potential employers during your networking experience, it’s time to continue communications!

General Advice:  Right after an event, go through the contacts of interest and jot down notable parts of your conversation with him/her and specifics of that person, the company, and the opportunity.

Timeframe:  Preferably restart the conversation within a week of the event, but a reasonable amount of time after the event.  For instance, if the event occurs in the morning, contact them that night or the day after.  Most methods of reaching out to them are by use of email, phone call, or LinkedIn.

Content:  In the call or email, first thank them for their time and the opportunity to connect with them.  Remember to include the date and location of the career fair and include and expand on significant or standout topics that you and the employer discussed in the hopes that they will remember the conversation they had with you.

Standout topics would be things related to their family, their favorite sports team, a technology they are looking forward to, and/or their plans for the night.  Example:  “It was nice to speak with you last Tuesday at ___.   I hope your daughter’s Karate Tournament went well on Friday!”

Following your introduction, try to re-ignite about the opportunity or try to set up a casual event to continue a conversation.  If possible, mention something that the employer or company can benefit from keeping in contact with you.  Example: “… I have a cousin who works for a branding firm in Chicago. I’m happy to ask him for his input as well. Just let me know.”

Keep the tone of your email or conversation formal, interesting, and short– recruiters have to talk to a LOT of people.  Make sure to always thank them for their time and do your best to maintain contact!  Employers typically have a lot of people contacting them, so don’t be discouraged if you have to contact numerous individuals to finally get a response!


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